High Temperature Electronics

Microelectronics is a key technology used in more or less any application. With increasing complexity and demand for harsh environments especially for high temperature, standard electronic reaches its limits. Depending on the grade, integrated circuits are specified up to a maximum operation temperature up to 125 °C or even less. Nevertheless sensors and actuators are used in industrial process with high environmental temperature, while commonly deposited electronics are used, which requires additional space and results in loss of performance.

Fraunhofer IMS thin film Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology allows to overcome the above mentioned limits. Due to dramatically reduced leakage currents, analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits become feasible for use in a considerably extended temperature range up to typical 250 °C and above. The process is equipped with a robust high temperature tungsten metallization instead of aluminum and  therefore allows reliable operation at high temperature conditions. Besides the CMOS specific components the technology is equipped with non volatile memory based on EEPROM.

Based on this technology we realize integrated circuits for the extended temperature range up to typical 250 °C and above.

Develop new application together with Fraunhofer IMS or optimize existing systems with respect to performance, type of construction, or cooling by using HT ASICs.

Product Range and Service

As a competent partner with long term experience in the field of high temperature electronics Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronics Circuits and Systems provides:

  • High Temperature SOI CMOS Technology
  • Concept development and system specification
  • Mixed-Signal integrated circuit design
  • Application support
  • Pilot fabrication in our in house CMOS facility
  • Assembly
  • Test and verification
  • Reliability analysis
  • Feasibility studies

We support your entrance in the field of high temperature electronics with concept and feasibility studies. Further we realize your customer specific HT ASICs including pilot fabrication and comprehensively support system integration including aspects of assembly.

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In the Hotmos project Fraunhofer IMS and Carnot CEA-LETI join forces to extend the operation range of microelectronics in harsh environments.
In the project a high temperature SOI CMOS technology platform for microelectronic circuits working at temperatures of 250°C and above is developed.

Power devices based on new materials like Gallium-Nitride (GaN) offer the potential for very efficient and compact power modules, if the high temperature capability of the GaN power device can be exploited by adding an equally high temperature capable driver circuit. 
During the project high temperature gate driver demonstrator chips for GaN (and SiC) power devices are developed by the partner Carnot CEA-LETI.

The high temperature CMOS technology is developed and processed in the cleanroom of IMS. Key features of this technology are:

  • Design rules 0.35µm
  • Gate density: 8500Gates/mm2
  • Tungsten metallization to prevent electromigration
  • EEPROMs (read, write and erase possible over the whole temperature range)

The gate drivers for GaN power devices take into account the specific drive requirements for GaN, like reduced maximum gate voltage, small gate capacities,low threshold voltage. The high integration density of the 0.35μmSOI-CMOS process allows intelligent and compact drivers including on-chip control, powerand fault management.