High Temperature SOI CMOS Technology (H035)

Fraunhofer IMS provides a high temperature resistant Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology.

The picture shows a cross section through the H035 technology of Fraunhofer IMS
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Depiction technology cross section H035

Fraunhofer IMS has more than 30 years of experience in CMOS technology development and operated as development and production basis a complete 200 mm CMOS line with different robust CMOS processes up to a minimal structure of 0.35 µm.

In this line there is a specific high temperature resistant Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) CMOS technology available. Individual transistors are not isolated via diodes (pn junctions), but dielectrically by a buried oxide, reducing leakage currents by up to three magnitudes. An additional optimization of the devices enables a performant operation of integrated circuits in up to 300 °C. To increase the reliability even further and to reduce the degradation of electromigration the technology is also equipped with tungsten instead of the commonly used aluminum metallization. The minimal structure size of 0.35 µm and up to four metal layers allow for the realization of compact integrated systems including small embedded microcontrollers.

Technology overview of the high temperature SOI CMOS processH035


Typical Values

Gate oxide (Thickness)

40 nm
9.4 mm
Minimal gate length

1.00 µm
0.36 µm
Maximal gate voltage

12 V (briefly 16 V)
3.6 V
Threshold voltage Vtn/Vtp  
Analog 25 °C 1.0 V/-1.6 V (@VBG=-5 V)
          250 °C 0.8 V/-1.3 V (@VBG=-5 V) 
Digital 25 °C 0.85 V/-0.85 V
          250 °C 0.6 V/-0.6 V

Subthreshold slope


Analog 25 °C 100/160
          250 °C 340/440
Digital 25 °C 90/100
          250 °C 200/220
MOS reverse current @250 °C
NMOS analog
NMOS digital
PMOS analog
PMOS digital

1.0 nA/µm width
5.0 nA/µm width
0.15 nA/µm width
0.5 nA/µm width
Amount of metallization layer 4
Silicon film thickness 200 nm
Buried oxide (thickness) 400 nm
SOI MOS characteristics partly depleted
Resistance (Polysilicon)

260 Ohm/□
100 ppm/°C
3.7 kOhm/□
Linear Capacity
Oxide thickness
Voltage dependency

45 nm
<100 ppm/Volt
Cell area/Bit
Data retention


145 µm²
1000 h @ 250 °C
10 a @ 85 °C
1000 Cycles @ 250 °C
100,000 Cycles @ 25 °C

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