Technologies of High Temperature Electronics at Fraunhofer IMS

For the realization of integrated high temperature systems Fraunhofer IMS offers circuit, sensor and production technologies.

In the SOI-CMOS technology H035 developed at our institute application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for a temperature range of -55 °C up to 300 °C can be developed. Precise analog components, e.g. for sensor read out, can be realized just as feasible as complex digital functions up to the microcontroller. Additional technological steps, which are carried out in the microsystems technology clean room of Fraunhofer IMS, enable the realization of sensors, for example for the measurement of pressure or acceleration. Electronics and sensor systems can be integrated onto one joint silicon chip leading to more cost-efficient and reliable solutions for the measurement technology in harsh environments. Both the development of complete ICs or subcomponents and the support in individual development steps are possible.

The high temperature 0.35 µm SOI CMOS technology provides the technological basis for the production of complex integrated circuits for the mentioned temperature range. The technology has been developed at Fraunhofer IMS and is currently the most advanced technology worldwide for integrated high temperature circuits. The minimal structure size of only 350 nm is unparalleled and allows for the realization of mixed-signal systems with complex digital parts up to the microcontroller.

The foundation for this new development projects is the available know-how in circuit design available at the Fraunhofer Institute. In the high temperature technology H035 there have been developed frequently used components like amplifiers, analog/digital converters, interface circuits etc. and are available for future projects. Rewritable non-volatile memory in the form of EEPROMs are available for the storage of e.g. calibrating data and are of special interest for application in sensor signal processing. The design team can rely on an extensive wealth of experience for the blocks to be developed. All common analog and digital functions from the normal temperature range can in principle be realized in high temperature technology as well.

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At Fraunhofer IMS we develop integrated circuits, sensors and actuators in a 0.35 µm SOI-CMOS high temperature technology and manufacture them in our in-house clean room.


Conducted projects in the area of analog and digital circuit development for high temperature applications

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In the business unit High Temperature Electronics Fraunhofer IMS offers an extensive catalogue of customer benefits from the concept study up to the production.