Service & Know-How in the Field High Temperature Electronics

Development and production of integrated circuits and MEMS for application in environmental temperatures up to 300 °C

Integrated high temperature circuit in ceramic housing
© Fraunhofer IMS
Integrated high temperature circuit

Benefit from the services and know-how of Fraunhofer IMS in the area High Temperature Electronics and develop innovative solutions for integrated circuits and sensor systems for the application in harsh environments with us.

Fraunhofer IMS can rely on 30 years of know-how in the field of microelectronic circuits and systems. In addition to the production and development of CMOS circuits and wafer manufacture, post-processing of “intelligent” CMOS substrates and the MEMS-based sensor integration, Fraunhofer IMS offers solutions in the field of High Temperature Electronics.

In this field we offer services and know-how in the following areas

  • High temperature SOI CMOS technology for applications in up to 300 °C
    • Provisioning of PDK for customer developments
    • Foundry services
    • Customer-specific technology development
    • Production of pilot and small series in the clean room of Fraunhofer IMS
  • High temperature SOI CMOS circuitry for applications in up to 300 °C
    • Concept and feasibility studies
    • Concept development and system specifications
    • IC and system design
    • Design support for development projects at the customer’s site
  • Backend

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Fraunhofer IMS provides a complete infrastructure in the business unit High Temperature Electronics from the IC design over production and test up to the assembly.

Cooperation Models

Fraunhofer IMS offers cooperation models in the field of integrated high temperature electronics from the concept phase up to the production of pilot series.

Overview Pages

High Temperature Electronics (Home)

At Fraunhofer IMS we develop integrated circuits, sensors and actuators in a 0.35 µm SOI-CMOS high temperature technology and manufacture them in our in-house clean room.


Conducted projects in the area of analog and digital circuit development for high temperature applications


We develop integrated circuits and sensors of high complexity for environmental temperatures up to 300 °C in SOI CMOS.

Customer Benefits

In the business unit High Temperature Electronics Fraunhofer IMS offers an extensive catalogue of customer benefits from the concept study up to the production.