Cooperation Models in the Field High Temperature Electronics

We support you from the concept development for integrated high temperature circuits up to the production of pilot and small series

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Production of integrated High Temperature Electronics

In the field of microelectronic and micromechanic components and systems Fraunhofer IMS can offer diverse cooperation models from feasibility studies and market analyses over the concept and circuit or system development up to pilot series production. The business unit “High Temperature Electronics” focuses especially on the topic areas high temperature SOI CMOS technology and circuitry for the application in environmental temperatures up to 300 °C.

Throughout the globalization process and the strong link to science of new technologies the complexity in technology and product development is increasing. This complexity can often not be overseen with the own entrepreneurial resources. As a strategic research partner Fraunhofer IMS can support its customers with individual cooperation models.

Offers for cooperation partners

Fraunhofer IMS offers its cooperation partners the possibility to carry out consultations in the form of feasibility and acceptance studies before a research cooperation or development project. As an important supplier with innovative know-how Fraunhofer IMS can evaluate new technologies and develop optimization potentials for new application fields. The gained insights of such a study are summarized in a detailed final report.

Through scoring models and the creation of specification sheets the cooperation partners can be supported by Fraunhofer IMS in the specification of technical and functional product details. Subsequently development projects of innovative integrated high temperature circuits can be carried out on the basis of this preliminary work. The extense of this development work can be adapted to the customer requirements and can range from the concept up to the pilot series production.

In financing and development projects Fraunhofer IMS can support their cooperation partners as well. If required, the possibility of public funding or by joint projects can be tested. In the case of a joint project, Fraunhofer IMS can rely on a cooperation network which can extend the competency range through the acquisition of a further project partner to a highly qualified consortium. The funding can be from national and international research and development programs.

Our cooperation model in summary

  • Analysis and evaluation of possibilities for the application of HT ASICs
  • Realization of HT ASICs from the concept up to pilot production
  • Provisioning of the PDK and design support for the realization of individual ASIC projects for the customer
  • Pilot production and multiproject wafer services (MPW)
  • Establishment of consortia and implementation of national and international funding projects

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Services & Know-How

Development and production of integrated circuits and MEMD for the application in environmental temperatures up to 300 °C.


Fraunhofer IMS provides a complete infrastructure in the business unit High Temperature Electronics from the IC design over production and test up to the assembly.

Overview Pages

High Temperature Electronics (Home)

At Fraunhofer IMS we develop integrated circuits, sensors and actuators in a 0.35 µm SOI-CMOS high temperature technology and manufacture them in our in-house clean room.


Conducted projects in the area of analog and digital circuit development for high temperature applications


We develop integrated circuits and sensors of high complexity for environmental temperatures up to 300 °C in SOI CMOS.

Customer Benefits

In the business unit High Temperature Electronics Fraunhofer IMS offers an extensive catalogue of customer benefits from the concept study up to the production.