Customer Benefits of the Business Unit High Temperature Electronics

Within the framework of the high temperature circuitry and the high temperature CMOS technology Fraunhofer IMS offers an extensive catalogue of customer benefits from concept studies over the development of customer-specific ICs up to the production of pilot series.

Leistungsspektrum des Fraunhofer IMS von der Studie bis zur Pilotserie
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Range of customer benefits of Fraunhofer IMS

As a competent partner in the field of High Temperature Electronics and the high temperature CMOS technology Fraunhofer IMS offers a broad spectrum of customer benefits.

We support your start in high temperature electronics with concept and feasibility studies. It is investigated in detail whether a microelectronic solution is possible and useful for a problem in the area of high temperature applications. Accuracy requirements are tested for the feasibility and reliability aspects are an integral part of the research. If required, a specification sheet can be developed for a future development within the framework of a study. Naturally, the costs incurred of a development up to chip prize assessment are also presented. In addition we also offer our support in questions of system realization, including possibilities of integrated circuit packaging.

As a microelectronics institute we offer as our core competency the development of customer-specific ICs as a customer benefit. The circuit design for high temperature ASICs is carried out, exactly like in the normal temperature range, with common industry development tools. Our design team can rely on extensive libraries of components as well as analog and digital cells. With the existing know-how and the available IP portfolio mixed analog/digital circuits can be realized with high precision and complexity up to the microcontroller.

If microsystem technological elements (sensors, actuators) need to be realized in addition to a CMOS-based solution, our microsystems technology Lab&Fab provides the suitable infrastructure. This opens up new technology areas through the combination of CMOS and MEMS (e.g. NEMS).

An in-house assembly clean room, which is operated in cooperation with our industrial partner, enables the production of ASICs in small to medium quantities up to the pilot series.

In addition to modern laboratories there is professional test equipment available for the circuit test which can be used to test the functions of the manufactured ASIC on wafer level. More devices are offered for carrying out reliability tests.

Ultimately, sample quantities of the manufactured ICs can be assembled in ceramic housing in the assembly clean room. Larger quantities can be covered with cooperation partners.

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Services & Know-How

Development and production of integrated circuits and MEMD for the application in environmental temperatures up to 300 °C.


Fraunhofer IMS provides a complete infrastructure in the business unit High Temperature Electronics from the IC design over production and test up to the assembly.

Cooperation Models

Fraunhofer IMS offers cooperation models in the field of integrated high temperature electronics from the concept phase up to the production of pilot series.

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At Fraunhofer IMS we develop integrated circuits, sensors and actuators in a 0.35 µm SOI-CMOS high temperature technology and manufacture them in our in-house clean room.


Conducted projects in the area of analog and digital circuit development for high temperature applications


We develop integrated circuits and sensors of high complexity for environmental temperatures up to 300 °C in SOI CMOS.