Cooperation Models

The Fraunhofer IMS offers cooperation models in the fields of devices and technologies from the conception phase to pilot series production.

Cooperation Models in Devices and Technologies

We support you from the conception phase to the pilot production of CMOS and MEMS devices , MEMS based systems and CMOS based ASICs.

In the field of microelectronic and micromechanical devices and systems, Fraunhofer IMS can offer various cooperation models ranging from feasibility studies, market analyses to concept development, development and pilot production of CMOS and MEMS technologies or integrated sensor systems. The Devices and Technologies business unit focuses primarily on semiconductor technology like CMOS and MEMS.

In the course of the globalization process and the increasing scientific commitment of new technologies, the complexity of technology and product development increases as well. This complexity can often no longer be overlooked with the company's own resources. As a strategic research partner, the Fraunhofer IMS can support clients with individual cooperation models.

The Fraunhofer IMS offers cooperation partners the opportunity to carry out consulting in the form of tailor-made studies, feasibility and acceptance studies, trend-analysis and market observations in the run-up to research- cooperation. As a supplier of innovative know-how, the Fraunhofer IMS can evaluate new technologies and work out optimization potential for application areas. The findings of this study will then be summarized in a detailed report.

Through scoring models and by creating a set of specifications, cooperation partners can be supported by the Fraunhofer IMS in the specification of technical and functional product details.

Based on this preliminary work, development projects of innovative and compact microelectronic or micromechanical devices and systems can then be carried out. The scope of this development work adapts to customer requirements and can range from concept to pilot series production.

The Fraunhofer IMS can also support cooperation partners in financing development projects. If necessary, the possibility of public funding or joint projects can be examined. In the case of a collaborative project, Fraunhofer IMS has a broad cooperation network, whereby the area of competence can be expanded by acquiring further project partners to form a highly qualified consortium. This financing can come from both national and international research and development programs.

Recap of our cooperation models:

  • Analysis and evaluation of integration possibilities of CMOS or MEMS devices and MEMS based systems
  • Consulting and integration of devices and technology options into semiconductor or MEMS processes
  • Contract development from concept to pilot production of CMOS devices and CMOS based ASICs
  • Contract development from concept to pilot production of MEMS devices and MEMS based systems
  • Contract development from concept to pilot production of integrated sensor systems (e. g. 3D-Integration of CMOS and MEMS)
  • Characterization and reliability testing of CMOS and MEMS processes and devices
  • Identification of funding programs and preparation of research proposals 

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