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Services & Know how

  • Development of new photodetector components .
  • Design and processing of customized image and photo sensors
  • Modeling and optimization with simulation programs
  • Characterization of components and detection of important parameters like capacity, dark current, spectral sensitivity and more with EMVA 1288 standard
  • Prototype manufacture of image sensors and photodetectors
  • Development of firmware and software
  • pilot fabrication of sensor-ICs
  • IC-qualification


  • Automotive industry certified CMOS-cleanroom
  • Usage of 0.35 µm CMOS processes optimized by Fraunhofer IMS for image sensors “L035-OPTO”
  • Post-Processing in the MST-Lab&Fab; further processing of CMOS-wafers and addition of special features or MEMS:
    • Anti-reflexion layers / application of color filters and micro lenses / wafer bondings for the creation of BackSideIllumination-photodetectors
  •  Measurement laboratory with professional measuring stations for the characterization of image sensors
  • Automatized tests, in particular electro-optical test on wafer level
  • Wafer thinning, sawing and packaging

Laboratory equipment


© Fraunhofer IMS

top: Closed dark box, below: TTI laboratory power supplies

© Fraunhofer IMS

Movable illuminator tube

© Fraunhofer IMS

Irradiation of an image sensor. Homogeneous field according to EMVA standard 1288

Service models

  • Evaluation of new technology and the potential for their application
  • Order development from concept to pilot fabrication
  • Consulting service and feasibility studies