Business Units

At the Fraunhofer IMS we intensively conduct application-oriented research and development for future-relevant key technologies and align our work with the needs of our customers and partners. High-quality, efficient and marketable developments in the field of microelectronics are in focus of our contract work. In order to meet the requirements of current development trends, know-how from various disciplines is required. This is why we bundle our core competencies into business segments - from the point of view of specific industries and products - and thus define the focus of our research activities. With this structure, we support companies and our partners in identifying suitable solutions as quickly as possible, improving competitive positions and opening up new markets.

In a way the business units represent a window to our customers - through those, we can channel and transport the results and findings from our research directly to the user. As an institute, we have a broad thematic base and pursue a holistic, systematic approach. In this way, maximum synergy effects can be achieved between the business segments.

Our business units


Devices & Technologies

CMOS Processes

Smart Sensors






High Temperature Electronics

Design for High Temperature

SOI CMOS Technology


IR Imagers

Read-out Circuits

Infrared Sensors


CMOS Image Sensors

Time-of-flight imaging

Ultrasensitive images


Pressure Sensor Systems

Pressure Sensors

Medical Implants


Biohybrid Systems

Glucose and Lactate Sensors

Bio Sensors


Wireless and Transponder Systems

Sensor Transponders and Readers

Wireless Data and Energy Transmission


Electronic Assistance Systems

Embedded Systems

Distributed Systems and Networks


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