Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems

Workshop High Temperature Electronics
November 18th and 19th, 2014


High temperature electronics is a continuously growing market in constant need of new technologies and concepts. Fraunhofer IMS hosts a workshop on HT electronics to provide a forum for industry and academia in this field. Follow interesting presentations on applications, circuit and system design, ...[more]

Biohybrid Systems


The Fraunhofer IMS is at the cutting edge of MEMS-, nano-, and biosensor-technology, which combines traditional CMOS technology with innovative post-processed bio- and nanostructures. In the last decade, the semiconductor technology has been seeing a new trend, called »More than Moore«, where added...[more]

Wireless &Transponder Systems


Fraunhofer IMS has acquired professional expertise in the development of sensor transponders and related readers. Sensor transponders combine the identification mechanisms known from standard RFID technology and measurement data acquisition. Sensor transponders are very helpful if the usage of wired...[more]



The Fraunhofer IMS has more than 20 years of experience in CMOS photodetector design, processing, and characterization. Our customers benefit from our standard CMOS and SOI-CMOS processes with a feature size down to 0.35 μm optimized for photosensing applications. Furthermore, we offer CMOS postproc...[more]

Smaller microchips that keep their cool


Temperatures often over 200 degrees C occur in geothermal and oil production – conventional microelectronics hit their limits there. Researchers have now fabricated compact microchips that can keep their cool even at 300 degrees C. An enormous treasure slumbers in the depths of our planet. Temperat...[more]

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