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Copper, gold and tin for efficient chips

05.12.2012 An employee at the MST Lab & Fab, where the post processing of chips takes place. © Fraunhofer IMS

With gold, copper or tin and special galvanizing processes, scientists are improving the function of semi-conductors and making the manufacture of microelectronic systems a child‘s play. Especially the LED industry could profit from this. They are particularly small, durable and economical: LEDs ha...[more]

Ultrasensitive photon hunter


Fast and ultrasensitive optical systems are gaining increasing signifi cance and are being used in a diverse range of applications, for example, in imaging procedures in the fields of medicine and biology, in astronomy and in safety engineering for the automotive industry. Frequently the challenge l...[more]

Invitation to Workshop 'High Temperature Electronics'


High Temperature Electronics is a continuously growing market with new challenges and high application potential. Get in touch with users and technology providers and follow interesting presentations during our workshop 'High Temperature Electronics'. We cordially invite you to the workshop whic...[more]

Measuring glucose without needle pricks

04.09.2012 Measuring glucose without needle pricks

Pricking a finger everyday is just part of everyday life for many diabetes patients. A non-invasive measurement approach could release them from the constant pain of pin pricks. The linchpin is a biosensor engineered by Fraunhofer researchers: A tiny chip combines measurement and digital analysis – ...[more]

High Temperature Electronic


High temperature IC design and fabrication Fraunhofer IMS has more than a decade of expertise in the design and wafer processing of high temperature integrated circuits and systems for operating temperatures up to 250°C. Based on numerous existing analog and digital IP blocks we realize applicatio...[more]

IC Design und & ASICs


IC Design Analog, digital and mixed signal integrated circuits are core competences of Fraunhofer IMS. Application specific integrated circuits enable our customers to provide cost efficient and powerful products. We offer the full spectrum from custom to IP-based ASIC solutions. Full-custom ASICs...[more]

Flying 3D eye-bots


They can be deployed as additional surveillance resources during major events, or as high-resolution 3D street imaging systems. Intelligent swarms of aerial drones are a universally useful tool for police, crisis managers and urban planners. Special 3D sensors developed by Fraunhofer researchers ens...[more]

First Edition „CMOS Image Sensors Compact“


We have the pleasure of inviting you to read about the latest CMOS Imager news of Fraunhofer IMS. This is the first edition of an information service that will be distributed quarterly in the future. In this way we want to communicate technical aspects, news, meeting possibilities on conferences or ...[more]

High-speed CMOS sensors provide better images


Conventional CMOS image sensors are not suitable for low-light applications such as fluorescence, since large pixels arranged in a matrix do not support high readout speeds. A new optoelectronic component speeds up this process. It has already been patented. CMOS image sensors have long since been...[more]