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Hydrocephalus: sensors monitor cerebral pressureData detectives in double-glazed windows7th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop - CMOS ImagingWeight loss program for infrared camerasSensors protect Rotterdamer quayside


7th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop CMOS Imaging From Photon to Camera


May 20th and 21st, 2014 OrganizationThe members of the Programme Committee are Prof. Bedrich Hosticka, Ph.D., Mr. Werner Brockherde, Dr. Daniel Durini, and Dr. Andreas Spickermann. Workshop secretary is Mrs. Cornelia Metz. Workshop VenueThe workshop will be held at the Fraunhofer inHaus-Zentrum in...[more]

Weight loss program for infrared cameras


Infrared sensors can be employed in a wide range of applications, such as driver assistance systems for vehicles or thermography for buildings. A new camera is providing a test bed for development of new products that use these detectors. We want it cozy and warm in our homes when the thermometer o...[more]

Hydrocephalus: sensors monitor cerebral pressure

08.01.2014 Physicians can measure cerebral pressure with the aid of implanted monitoring sensor. They merely place a hand-held reading device on the head of the patient.

If the pressure in a patient’s brain is too high, physicians implant a system in the head that regulates the pressure. A sensor can now measure and individually adjust brain pressure. The sensor system is approved for use as a long-term implant. Urinary incontinence, a shuffling gait, and deteriora...[more]

Data detectives in double-glazed windows


Double-glazed windows have to withstand everything from baking sunlight to icy winds and biting cold. And it’s not just the temperature fluctuations themselves they have to cope with, but also the resulting changes in pressure between the two panes of glass. The glass panels bow outwards or inwards ...[more]

Sensors protect Rotterdamer quayside


The saline seawater ceaselessly eats into the concrete of the quayside, day after day, year after year. These are the most difficult conditions that steel-reinforced concrete has to withstand. The salt, in form of salt ions, penetrates the alkaline concrete and neutralizes it, i.e. alters it chemica...[more]

The Fraunhofer IMS has been transferring its know-how into customer-specific products for more than 25 years.

We develop CMOS based systems, operate process development and circuit design as well as ASIC manufacturing.

As a trendsetter in intelligent microsystems technology (MST) we combine sensors with microelectronic interfaces.

Our system development integrates sensors with wireless systems into innovative customer products.